Citiskate London - The Inline Skating Professionals
The founder of the FNS presents skating courses for all levels.
Next courses in June and July 2011

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VIDEO: 21 minutes of pure FNS (70MB)    Pictures: FNS at the London Thames Festival !

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This weeks Friday night skate is on!

The start of the skate is at the meeting point.

All the details with our FNS FAQs


Want to join the FNS? You need to be able to stop at speed and handle hills/bad surfaces. Routes change each week but you can get them sent via email when you join over 5,000 other skaters by becoming a member of the Skate Dispatch

We recommend you join the Skate Dispatch, a free weekly
update on the skate that features the routes of the FNS and
Sunday Rollerstroll as well as news on trips & events.

Did the skate? Tell us about your experiences! We are
always keen to get skater feedback.

EasyJet boosts FNS numbers

If you are fond of quick and cheap experiences of a
non-sordid nature then you may have seen this
amazing article on the London skating scene appearing
in a well know in flight magazine
Easyjet Inflight August 2006
Ryanair Inflight April 2008

We have our 9th Birthday in May 2010 following a special route around London.
It's going to be one hell of a skate!

It was five years of FNS in London and to celebrate we followed the London-based board of the Monopoly
. With free Red Bull drinks and a route that would
make any London tourist jealous we had such a blast!

We would love to hear your feedback and particularly see any photos you took.

Visting London and planning to do the FNS?

Tell us where you are coming from! We love hearing
from skaters around the world. if you have any
questions please email us;

Interested in skating on Saturdays and Sundays ?

Try the Easy Peasy Skate in Battersea park or the Hyde park Sunday Rollerstroll. The latter will celebrate it's anniversary in July with a destination Rollerstroll

The FNS needs you!

Ensure the skate continues to grow and thrive by either volunteering your time to marshal or donating (see above)
You get free speed training, discounts off skating courses and a license to thrill as you now have the right to go past the lead marshal on the skate!
Our only requirement: you're able to do the FNS. London skate marshals