Become a skater angel...

The FNS and Rollerstroll - people actually cry when it rains and they are cancelled.
It's as if their weekly slice of heaven has been taken away from them. Amazing.

Just like heaven, no one owns it and no one gets paid to run it.
It would not exist without the volunteers who give up their spare time to keep it going.
Bloody skater angels, every one of 'em. But they prefer to be called marshals.

Help us by donating

   Thanks for your help!

Help us by marshalling

The skates always need more marshals especially as it is always growing.
In a city like London people move away, have babies or just vanish into thin air
(the last two together would be quite a spectacle and I guess the population would also be more stable).
All this means a constant stream of new helpers is essential.

Marshal requirements There is just one simple requirement: you need to have done an FNS to help on the skate.
In terms of commitment turning up twice a month is the minimum. But you will turn up more, don't worry.
The Rollerstroll needs marshals too and we recommend this is where we start.

Getting started

1. When you know you are going to attend the next FNS / Rollerstroll send an email to with a little about you.

2. You will get a reply with some instructions.

3. Welcome to the skate!

And finally... Don't think you have to be an amazing skater to marshal.
Any skater that completes one of the two skates can skate and stop efficiently (we hope).
In addition marshals that have helped for a few months are offered a combination of free and discounted skate courses and workshops, covering everything from stopping and maneuvering to speed techniques.
Freebies tend to attract the wrong kind of 'volunteer' so this is not a selling point to become a marshal.
Helping out because you love skating is!